#day116 – self-massage with a foamroller

Lately I heard quite often something about a foam roller to massage yourself. Benefits of use are decreased muscles and joint pain. Furthermore it improves your range-of-motion and leads you to a better balance and a better walk. Supposedly. The most famous one is the so called blackroll, but more and more types come onto the market.

At least three people in my circle of aquaintances bought one already. Especially runners, but sportspersons in general swear on it. Best time to use it is after a workout. Today I sat together with friends, when one told us about her foam roller – The Grid. Sounded like a first time and so I asked, if I can try it. Before use I read the instruction. The Grid replicates the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands, it says.

I tried several exercises. For the lower and upper leg, for the lower and upper back as well as for the hips. My calfs like it, my back hates it. They recommend a massage for round about 20 minutes. Nothing when you get massaged by someone else, pretty long when you have to do it by yourself with a stone-hard thing. The feeling of a massage therapist’s hands? No, not really. My shoes disclose it, I didn’t take it really serious, but ten minutes had been already enough. I get bored soon without a well considered programm, that I have to complete.

I think, it’s one of these thing, I use twice and then I throw it into a corner. I prefer my weekly yoga class. These 1.5 hours improve my circulation, flexibilty, balance and mobility for sure. Tomorrow it’s time again finally.

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