#day114 – party in a closet

Make your way to Kreuzberg, ask around for a bar called Vögelchen, crawl into a closet once you’re there, climb a steep stair downward into the basement and you’ll find yourself in the hottest venue in town. Seriously, the whole magic lies behind a closet as high as my hips. A great party starts with the entrance. So did mine tonight.

The basement itself consists of two rooms: one room with cozy chairs and a sofa to hang out and a second room to dance and freak out. The whole basement seats at least 50 people. Ok, due to the weather and no heater, it was damn cold at the beginning. But it got hot during the night, I can tell you. In case you’re ever looking for a location to celebrate something, I recommend you this one.

When I signed to contract to rent, I was a bit afraid, if a guest will break his neck by entering the closet. Especially the first stair was pretty steep and a non-existent handrail didn’t make it easier. Fortunately my concern wasn’t necessary. Everything went well. Maybe because noone was totally drunk. Or because everyone was pretty careful after all my warnings.

Even though I don’t like to play the host, I really enjoyed the night. Time flies when you’re surrounded by all of your best friends.

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