#day112 – shark spotting in the Thuringian forest

No, it’s not a find-the-shark-in-the-picture-game. My headline and my picture didn’t match today. There’re only sweet little colorful fishes, among others a little Nemo, in the aquarium. I made a video of the sharks for Instagram and forgot to take a picture for the blog. It must have happen once. Hard life as a social-media-girl, I tell you.

But to disclose something more about my first time: I had been to a sea musuem today. I know I know, museums like that one shouldn’t be supported, but four kids needed to be entertained on a winter day.

As a special interest museum in a Thuringian small town it has plenty to offer. Fishes of all kind, rays, seahorses, sea snakes and so on. Have you ever heard of a fish called stonefish? Google it, he is a pretty funny guy.

The highlight had been nevertheless the shark and crocodile section. Sharks are always interesting, but crocodiles are one of the most fascinating animals. I don’t know why, I feel a fascinating admiration for them. It’s not only because they’re dangerous. There are plenty of dangerous animals out there. I guess it’s their appearance. Their reptile look. They lie around for hours without moving. You start believing they’re dead and then – a tiny wink. It’s always the same. At least with this crocodiles in the zoo. They aren’t enviable.

Highlight for the kids was to stroke the goldfish by the way. And the carrousel. Ah, and running through the corridors.

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