#day111 – playing Nobody is perfect in English

“Nobody is perfect” is one of my favorite board games. Someone asks questions about things, noone knows the answer and you have to invent an intelligent sounding answer. The one with the best answers wins. Knowing the right answer brings you points, but inventing a good one brings you even more. It’s already challenging to play it in German, but in English it’s an remarkable task.

We didn’t play it English because we’re bored to death or because we needed it more difficult. We did it because our Canadian friend’s German is a bit limited. Just a bit more limited as our English as it turned out while we were playing. It made it hilarious.

Here is an example: What’s a Bonobo? Is it a short word for someone, who is born on board? Is it a Hawaiin men’s shoes? Is it an orang-utan? Or is it a little monkey in the southern Kongo region? Ok, this was a bit easy maybe. Sounded like a monkey breed somehow.

This one was a bit more difficult: The Kleenex tissue was invented during the first world war. Why? To use it as a filter for gas masks? To wave goodbye with something? To limit the number of toilet paper? Was it invented to clean special weapons? Or because women had no time to wash off their makeup? What do you think? The right answer is the first one.

My brother in law didn’t get tired to invent Hawaii related answers. His plan, one of us will rely on the Hawaiin answer once didn’t work out. It doesn’t matter. He had fun and made it easier for us.

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