#day110 – highway silence in Saxony-Anhalt

For more than ten years I’m on the road with an own driver licence. Over the last three years quite often on the highway between Berlin and Munich. My hometown is somewhere in the middle. Luckily I never got into a really bad traffic jam. So far I’m spared from horror stories like sticking in a traffic jam for hours or even worse staying overnight on the highway.

I knew it before. Today wasn’t a good day for driving. Winter arrived. Warnings about ice and strong winds occurred in the media the whole day. I decided to drive home nevertheless. Your sister turns 34 only once. But yes, the street conditions had been horrible. And yes, I was on my way less than one hour until I got into a traffic jam. Because of an icy lane a truck drove into the crash barrier.

The accident must have happened just a few minutes ago. The entire highway was closed. I stood almost hundreds minutes at the same point without moving. Hundred minutes only me and the radio. Because it happened in the nowhere of Saxony-Anhalt I hadn’t an internet reception or cell reception in general. I wasn’t even able to write mum a short message to let her know I’ll be at home after midnight. I had a book with me, but since I didn’t know how to switch on the light I couldn’t read it. It’s a bit tricky in an Opel. Now I know. For my next time.

However, the most annoying thing was the upcoming cold while staring out of a rainy window and listening to more or less nice music. As if they knew it, they played “Sound of silence”. Nothing could fit to my situation better. A wonderful song.

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