#day109 – first real running shoes

There’s a problem with running shoes. They never look good. At least those for my size. Or maybe it’s only the current collection. I don’t know. But since my left knee hurts more and more with every run I finally decided to buy my first real running shoes. My Nikes are old and a bit too small as well. Time for something new.

I went to a small running shop around the corner first. After some knee bends at the cash desk and a walk through the shop like a model on the catwalk the seller decided I need a special shoe with a super stable sole. He gave me three shoes at choice. Unfortunately none of them really handsome. When I told him I have to think about it one more time, he got a bit angry. Other shops don’t have shoes with small sizes like mine, he said. I was thruthfully considering to come back but after his reaction I changed my mind.

Today I went to a huge sports shop in Berlin’s far west and found my personal pair of running shoes. The consulting was much more personal and due to a computer analysis much more professional at the same time. Interestingly the video resulted a normal running style. No special stable soles or anything else. I tried on several shoes. The pink Saucony version finally won. The look isn’t an absolute dream, but I’ll get along with them. In the end healthness is the most important thing, isn’t it?

A first short run through postwar Berlin two days after New Year’s Eve went well. I’m excited how far they’ll carry me this year.


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