#day108 – welcoming 2017 on a rooftop in Schöneberg

My view for welcoming 2017 couldn’t be better. On a rooftop terrace in Schöneberg, overlooking the city and opposite a house with the idiom “thoughts become things”. Hello? That’s for sure the best hint to start a new year. A forward-looking idiom. A motivation to create something, to live your dreams, to be brave and get things done. Summarized to move your ass. Simple and good. I love it. That’s definetely my maxim for 2017.

Like almost every year, the last year has been full of unforgettable happenings, encounters and everlasting memories. Carnival in Dusseldorf, Skiing in Austria, Easter in Copenhagen, my overwhelming festival summer, long overdue friends visits in Hamburg, Cologne and Munich as well as city trips to Istanbul, Lissabon and Stockholm with wonderful people. And so on. A truthful long list, for which I’m thankful.

On the other hand it’s somehow frightening how fast time is running. It’s one of the reasons I try to concentrate myself to the future. And to live and enjoy the moment. It doesn’t succeeds all the time, I have to recall it to my mind again and again. I mean, my past has been great, but I can’t live in it anymore. It happened. For you as well. What’s still happening is here and now. And tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We should create our own future, because we and noone else are the smiths of our own luck.

Let’s turn awesome thoughts into wonderful things in 2017. Happy new year, friends!

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