#day107 – preparing empanadas for New Year’s Eve

Because 2017 is going to be an amazing year, I wanted to prepare something special for our New Year’s Eve buffet. Every kind of salad, bread and dip you can imagine was already on the food list. A short research  brought me the idea of empanadas. With meat, vegetables or cheese filled dumplings, mainly prepared in Spain and Southamerica. Eatable with hands. That sounded good.

Preparing the dough was pretty easy. Flour, milk, butter and a bit water and salt. That’s it. For the filling I chose the vegetarian alternative. Spinach and feta cheese. Something you can’t be wrong with. Shaping the dumplings was a lot of fun. Every dumpling has to look like a half moon. The edge nicely decorated with a fork. Never forget, you eat with your eyes. A golden result after 15 minutes in the oven was promising.

Just to be on the safe side, I prepared one of my specialities furthermore. Egg liquer. Sweet, creamy and substantial as a whole dish. A big hit at every party. Even if the empanadas don’t go through the roof, the egg liqueur will for sure. New Year’s Eve, here I come.

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