#day106 – spinning with disco feeling

Besides running and swimming I like to do indoor cycling respectively spinning. Noone could ever tell me the difference. Well, it seems there’s none.

After a great course during my studies, I was looking for a nice spinning place in Berlin at the end of last year. I had two requirements only: It shouldn’t be that expensive and it should be a course with a real instructor. Many cheap gyms offer digital courses, in which your teacher is just a virtual person on a screen. No, that’s shit.

I found an old gym in Treptow with a cheap membership, a familiar atmosphere and nice instructors. But due to a really bad traffic connection it was always a long journey from home and I decided to quit my membership after one year. Additionally the way they practice spinning was alright, but not as dynamic as I was used to it. I need a bit more action during one hour on the bike. Ok, and the music was sometimes a bit creepy. Rammstein. Is there anything else to add?

The moment I read about Becycle, a new fancy place in Mitte offering modern spinning courses, I wanted to try it and booked a testing hour. A Thursday morning ride with AJ, teaching in English and playing techno and house music during his course. The experience couldn’t be more different than the course in Treptow. The whole gym was totally new and stylish. Golden lockers in the dressing room, the shower in and old safe and hyper modern bikes in a dark exercise room. With all the disco lights and loud music, I thought I’m in a club. At least I had the dynamic course, I was looking for. Using weights in between was something new for me. But good idea to do somehting for the arms as well.

Even though all ameneties from towel and shampoo to shoes and water are provided, AJ is a nice instructor and I really enjoyed the course, I can’t afford the price for a membership. Too bad. The only thing I can do is waiting for a special offer and meanwhile continuing looking for another good spinning amenity. Do you know one?

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