#day105 – searching a bar to rent

In search of a bar to rent for a little party, I walked three hours through Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Friedrichhain tonight. I did it the good old way. Going there and asking personally.

The result: Most bars don’t have a room to rent out or don’t keep free the whole bar or at least parts of it due to “negative experiences”. I heard that quite often tonight. And sure, they don’t have to. Berlin’s bars are crowded anyway on a Saturday night. But without knowing, how many guests I have to expect, it’s hard to reserve tables only. I need a seperated room, where number of persons doesn’t matter.

After two hours on tour I slipped into a cozy hip bar called Vögelchen in Kreuzberg. Great decision. I’d been there once before and liked the furnishing and the folks. As always before I asked the barkeeper for a room to rent. Just crawl through the cupboard and have a look into our basement, he replied. Did I understand him right? A party room behind a cupboard? Amazing, that’s what I’m looking for. After a basement inspection and a chat about the conditions, I think this bar is the right one.

My little bar-hopping ended in Friedrichshain. Friends of mine waited in a bar called Zimt und Zunder. They don’t rent out their bar as well, it was finally time for a drink. Ironically after 10 bar visits my first drink tonight. A cocktail. Sex on the beach. And I’m not a cocktail girl. I prefer longdrinks, but we got it by accident and so I drank it. To drink a toast to my successful bar-hopping it was enough.

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