#day103 – house inspection with my besties

Once a year at Christmas I have a reunion with friends, I have known for almost 25 years. Some of them I met in kindergarten, some at primary school and some at secondary school. With three of us, I actually went to school from class 1 to 12. We spent our whole schooltime together. They know everything about me, I know everything about them. That’s quite special, isn’t it?

Even more special is the fact, we manage it to have a reunion every year. Most of the time one or two of us were missing due to jobs, travels or familiar obligations. This year, 10 years after our graduation, we finally had a reunion with all of us. 10 grown-ups, who are scattered over Germany, Netherlands and Belgium nowadays. Not to forget our 5 kids, who came along over the last years. Four of them present today.

What’s the new thing you ask yourself? It’s the place of the meeting. Our reunion was at the same time a house inspection. One of us bought her first house with her family and we could inspect it today. The best familiar athmosphere you can imagine for this kind of a reunion. Friends are family as well.

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