#day102 – Christmas run with daddy

My Christmas couldn’t be more sporty. Three runs in 6 days. Two runs accompanied by daddy. First one with minus degrees, last one with spring temperatures. Every run round about 6 kilometres. Nothing big, just a bit movement on days full of couching and eating.

Running somewhere in the Thuringian province is something else compared to running in the big city. You’re all by yourself for kilometres. A truthful short timeout to enjoy silence and landscape. Since my parents live around the corner of a nice bikeway along the river, I choose this route most of the time.

For our special Christmas run, I asked daddy to try a new way. I counted on him, but we ended up at the bikeway again. A bit more down the river at least. Well, I have to add my niece accompanied us with the bike, what made a run through the woods difficult. And running near some water is always a pleasure.

Even last year I had never expected to do sports on a Christmas day. Times are changing. I’m in that phase of life, your body starts calling for more attention.

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