#day101 – registration for the Listserve

Have you ever heard of the Listserve? A friend of mine told me about the project some weeks ago and I was immediately keen. Due to busy days I forgot to register myself. A more or less relaxed Christmas time finally allowed me to busy myself with it today. It’s actually only an email submission. No name, gender, birth date or anything else. 20 seconds of your precious time, reading the homepage included.

To get back to the project and the idea behind: The Listserve is a project from five NYU’s students in 2012. They created a list, that gives the chance for one person each day to share his or her thoughts with a random lottery email system. Means once you’re signed up you’ll receive one email daily from a randomly selected user. The email can be about anything, from your breakfast to a cat story or a social-critical discussion. You decide, if you send it either publicly or anonymously. Anyway each email will be vetted before being sent, to avoid users sending out hardcore porn or computer viruses.

“If you had the chance to speak to one million people what would you say?” is the claim of The Listserve. Well, what would I say? First of all, since 2012, when the project started, 21.796 people subscribed the list to this day. Hence the audience wouldn’t be that astronomically big. But yeah, I guess I would write about my own little project. Something new every day for one year.  Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to misuse the list for advertising reason. I’ll do it rather the philosophical way.

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed, friends!

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