#day100 – Christmas presents from Santa Claus

Something new on a Christmas day? Easy. Without snowy and slippery streets, Santa made his way through the Thuringian forest. The number of presents shrinks over the years, but Santa still remembers me. That’s the main thing. I’m unpretentious and either way a more practical giver and recipient. I prefer gifts to consume away, no items. My acting against abundance. Santa knows it and try to stick to it, even though I can understand it’s unpleasant for him to present money to someone.

Funny coincidence today: Christmas day and my little jubilee fall together on the same day. 100 days of my poject are already done. 100 days of something new every day. It’s not that easy to find something new every day. Retrospective I have to state, many first times had been planned ones. A less number of first times happened spontaneously. I’d like to have more of these accidental first times, if there wouldn’t be the problem now and then, it’s shortly before midnight and nothing happened so far. Even if the first time happend already, there’s still the writing process. As you can see – it’s a bit time consuming. On the other hand, I love to do new things and I love to write. It’s nothing annoying to me. For sure there’re worse and better days, but it’s a fun project in general. Summarized I’m still pretty motivated. 265 days left. I’m looking forward to them.

I don’t want to bore you with my presents. I want to mention one present only: a packet of Mon Cheri. Just because it’s nothing new and way more a unbreakable habit. I told Santa certainly more than a hundreds times, I don’t like this kind of chocolate. I mean, let’s face the truth. Noone younger than 60 likes it. It’s the retiree chocolate per se. Well, I decided to leave it like that. Only 30 years till I’m lying in my wing chair next to the chimney, noshing my Mon Cheri blissfully.



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