#day99 – bouldering with my brother in law

Bouldering is one of my new detected hobbies of 2016. I didn’t try climbing in a climbing gym yet, but it’s on my list for 2017. Maybe I’ll do a beginner course for bouldering first. I’m still not sure, if I got it with the colors and tracks. Though I know you should climb up the wall with leg power more than arm power. For a mystifying reason I still have a muscle hangover in my shoulders the next day.

Since my niece and brother in law like climbing as well, we decided on going to a climbing gym during my Christmas holidays at home. Today after breakfast my brother in law picked me up to drive us to the nearby village with the gym. While we were driving, I thought aloud, we’ll be alone in the climbing gym early in the morning one day for Christmas. My brother in law was totally sure, we won’t and wanted to make a bet. He loves making bets, I have to add. I don’t bet with money, that’s why we bet with help for Christmas presents.

I had better should. Of course, we had been the only guests. Great. A whole gym for us alone. It seems climbing shoes aren’t that important here. Barefooted wasn’t allowed, but we were able to use our normal shoes. Means foot sweat on the wall isn’t fine but dog shit!? Well, ok. I don’t have to understand everything. More interesting was the fact, my brother in law’s “normal shoes” on a December day are Havaianas. Everybody, who went bouldering once, know what it means. Difficult. My brother in law went ahead with it.

The curiosity of our bouldering trip ended with a gym employee, who didn’t know the price. He called his boss for help, but even he had to look up the price in one of his lists. It looks like bouldering isn’t something for people in the Thuringian province. Fine. More space for my family and me and who needs actually professional climbing shoes?

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