#day98 – writing a letter to my 13-year-old-me

Saalfeld, December 22nd, 2016

Dear Resi,

I know times are hard right now. Many other same-aged girls are fancy dressed, already in love with a cool guy or have at least big boobs. And you? The only guy you’re interested in, is your male puppet. Your growing breasts are something, you await more than eagerly. I know this makes you sad. Your first try to act like a grown-up are some little experiments with makeup. Anything but easy, isn’t it? That’s ok. Everyone starts as a firsttimer once. As an old and wise lady I assure you, you’re a lucky girl. I tell you why for three reasons.

First of all you don’t need big boobs. Noone needs big boobs. They’re nothing else than hindering. They cause backache, make shopping difficult or annoy you while running and jumping. And you like jumping around, don’t you? Guys saying, they like big boobs are lying. And stupid. You have to feel sorry for them. Whereby we’re alreday at point 2. Boys.

You’ll have problems with boys sufficiently early. Enjoy your disinterest as long as possible. Once you started to pay attention to them, you’ll never get rid of them again. And boys are acutally even more annoying than big boobs. They don’t hurt your back only, they break your heart and run away. Boobs stay leastwise.

Final reason number 3 is the thing with makeup. Your mouth get’s already enough attention through your silver braces. You don’t need an additional red border around your lips. Same thing with they eyes. Golden glasses let you shine brightly. Blue eyeshadow up to your eyebrows don’t make it better. Your natural face is such a cute one. Take it and leave color off.

One day you’ll look back and realize all these problems aren’t problems. Even if it doesn’t seems like this these days, your youth passes by quickly. Take your time. Don’t compare yourself with all the others all the time. Be yourself is the most attractive thing you can do. All the other problems will be dissolved soon after. I swear.

With all my love, your older you!

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