#day97 – joining my niece’s piano lessons

Hard to say, who is cuter: my niece or her Japanese piano teacher. Ok, it’s my niece. But just a little bit. In any case both have an ecstasizing smile, a sugary voice and somehow a similar height as well. To watch them singing and playing German Christmas songs was indeed a bit heartbreaking. I had my difficulties to understand everything, but it doesn’t matter. They get along well. That’s nice to see. Only since three months my niece is taking piano lessons and her repertory of songs is already marvelous. Three Christmas songs included, the fourth one she learned today.

Since I went to piano lessons for 10 years, I was extremly excited to accompany her today. With the age of 9 I was a bit older, when I started with piano lessons, but today I saw me sitting behind the piano. I must have been as shy as my niece back then. For my protection I have to mention, my teacher was much more authoritative than the Japanese lady today. Not uncommonly I was scolded. She recognized my lacking practice immediately.

Even nowadays on a Tuesday at 4 pm in the afternoon, more than 10 years after my last lessons, I’m thinking about the old days. At that time I was pretty often angry with my mum, who forced me to go there. Today I’m badly thankful. Playing the piano is an awesome ability. Thank you, Mummy!



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