#day96 – cooking dinner for grandma only

Sure, I didn’t cook for grandma for the first time. But in her kitchen, at her oven and with a chef’s hat on my head, it was indeed a first time. A gift for her 75th birthday. A special three-course menu. I created the menu and bought the ingredients and grandma provided her kitchen only. And a little help for chopping the vegetable. Our dinner should be a vegan one. No meat or other animal products today.

Since my grandparents don’t like something sweet for dinner, I decided to skip the dessert und replaced it with a second starter. Here’s our today’s special menu:

Course 1: warm winter salad with baked aubergine and courgette, dried tomatos, cherry tomatos, rucola and pumpkin seeds

Course 2: broccoli pea soup with mashed broccoli, peas, celery and almond milk

Course 3: brussel sprouts & sweetpotato curry with a coconut-masala-sauce

Wasn’t healthy only. My cooking skills get better and better. And even though it was vegan it seemed grandma and grandpa liked it as well. Well, while I was cooking the curry grandpa said, he doesn’t like brussel sprouts. In the end he ate a second plate. Between ourselves, I kept it as a secret, that our dinner was a vegan one. I didn’t want to spoil their taste.


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