#day94 – with a carriage through my hometwon

My first time seeing my hometown from the bench of a horse carriage. My family and me had a particular city tour through Saalfeld’s old town today. Just in case you’re wondering: we didn’t do it, because we’ve no idea about the history of our city. Neither because we’re bored to death on a Sunday in the province. Of course we are sometimes, but today it was a belated birthday present for my niece, who is heavily in love with horses.

What sounds like an activity for oldies, was actually a quite entertaining ride. Grandpa, grandma, mum, dad, my sister, my niece and nephew. Almost the whole family was on board. A family-winter-sunday out of the storybook. Only snow was missing.

The old carriage driver couldn’t tell us many new facts about our hometown indeed. That’s why he started to entertain us with some funny stories of his life as a carriage driver. A lost pillow in the middle of a crossing reminded him of that day, when he lost a 80-year-old lady on the street. The horses stopped at a traffic light, the old lady stood up from the bench and the second the horses went on, the lady made a flip out of the carriage. Seeing the lady on the street like a bug on the back, he imagined himself in jail already. With one blow 10 years older, he said. In the end it was a broken hand only. Fortunately. At least he has a good story to tell and I have something to write for my project.

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