#day92 – sleepover party in the new room of my niece

Hard to believe, my little niece turns 6 today. I remember the day of her birth as it was yesterday. My sister called me the minute I finished my third glögg at the christmas market. Half-drunk as I was, I jumped into the train to welcome my godchild on earth. The pictures will prove forever aunti Resi was a bit drunk that day. Well, could be worse. And besides I’m nice, when I’m drunk.

To the day 6 years later I hopped into the train again to celebrate with her. I got up at 4.15 am in the morning and was right on time at home to bring her to kindergarten. After baking a cake and an urgently needed sleep the crazy party started. Eight 6-years-old wanted to get entertained. Totally overtired I expected a nerves exhausting afternoon. To be honest, the kids had been simply cute. Actually I’m in love with one of my niece’s friends from kindergarten now. Such a cool little guy. Berlin’s men should follow his example.

The party ended with a sleepover in the new bed of my niece. A pink canopy bed. Nothing else could make me happier than going to bed with her at 9 pm today. Lying in this sweet canopy bed, wrapped into a pink fairy world, I’m pretty sure, I’ll sleep like a princess. Dreamlike!

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