#day91 – short hair at frau hair mann

I’m usally a loyal person when it comes to any services. Tailor, shoemaker, masseur and so on. Once they convinced me, I spread recommendations into my network. But there are two occupation groups, I can’t be with one only. Gynaecologists and hairdressers. Even if I was satisfied with their job, I have to move on. I have seen dozens of surgeries and barbershops all over Berlin during my last three years in the city. Don’t ask me why it’s the case with just these two groups. I mean, particularly hair and vaginas are parts of a woman’s body, you only share with someone you trust. But maybe that’s as well the reason I’m permanently looking for someone better. I don’t like myself for that.

Anyway. After a new gynaecologist last month it was time for a new haircutter today. My last time at the hairdresser in August was a big fail. It was a recommendation from one of my favorite Berlin blogs and combined with the fact, you have to pay more than a 100 Euros for a haircut and some new strands, I thought it should be a good one. I was less often more wrong. My haircut, long hair just hanging around, couldn’t be easier. The haircutter managed it to cut it crooked. Besides he ignored my refusing of a hair care and let me pay a heavy additional amount. I didn’t want to know, how much it was exactly. Jesus, I was really pissed off.

After passing by many times, I called Frau Hair Mann yesterday, if there’s any chance to come by today. I needed to shorten my hair before driving home for christmas. I was lucky. It’s a cool shop with many old stuff. Old chairs, an old radio as big as a wardrobe and even a little exhibition of old hairdryers. Even though my hair is a bit shorter than I wanted it to be, I’m pleased. Last time my hair was that short was after my high-school diploma. I was 18 and started crying immediately after returning home. Nowadays I’m older and more mature. Two or three times sleeping and it reaches my ass again.

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