#day90 – recording a podcast

How can I say no, when two cool dudes ask me to join their next podcast session for an intelligent exchange about my project of 365 first times? Of course, I do that. Recording a podcast is not only another first time for me, it’s at the same time a chance for inspiring new input and the possibility to satisfy my request for extrovertism. Who blogs, can podcast as well.

ZehnZweiVier, the podcast with egotism, is made by 6 guys from Berlin, who talk about the colorful world of entertainment as well as exciting world affairs, their latest travels or current socio-critical proceedings. Every session is a funny and informal chat of round about an hour, which aims to be entertaining and inspiring. Recommendations about movies, music and games, Trump’s triumph or Cannabis in Berlin are a few of their topics for example. I think “my daily first time” lines up perfectly to that.

Funnily the podcast recording happend on my 90th day as a firsttimer. Best day for a serious first interview and a bit reflection after three months of something new every day. What’s the highlight of your first times so far? How does the project changes you by now? What’s the feedback of your friends and family? And what’s going to happen after you finished your year as a firsttimer? Chris and Johannes wanted to know it full well. I’m still  feeling honored by their drilling interest.

The whole episode is available for download here. Lean back, prop up your legs and enjoy listening to my very first podcast.




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