#day89 – Sweden’s farewell present to me

I left Stockholm with many new memories in my luggage. I spent three exciting winter days in Sweden’s capital and will definitely return in summertime once. What doesn’t mean I regret the city trip during winter at the same time. If I hadn’t been there in December, I wouldn’t have seen two museums from inside. I wouldn’t have sweated in a sauna in the spa, climbed on a ski slope or visited a christmas market in the old city. All these acitivities had been something for cold days and are therefore something special.

Summarized I want to recommend one special place to eat and one for having a drink. Two places, I liked the most. In case it’s freezing outside, you walked in the snow for hours and you’re craving for a warming soup, go to Sibiriens Soppkok in Vasastan. A huge selection ranging from a traditional goulash soup to a fancy avocado soup makes everybody happy. They aren’t super cheap but for sure a filling dish and a quite tasty one on the top of that.

For having a drink head to Södermalm afterwards and watch out for Nada Bar. It’s not as poshy as bars around Stureplan, way more it’s a cozy bar with nice music, fair prices and relaxed people. Kind of a bar, I prefer to hang out at in Berlin as well.

Both places are small localities and maybe that’s one of the reasons why they’re that charming. At both localities we chatted with all the other guests and even the owners took their time to talk to us and to give our visit a personal touch.

Besides the memories in mind I took only one material thing back home with me. It’s a pretty cool white shirt with a pretty fancy print of no one else than Jon Bon Jovi itself on the front. The fact that it was a gift makes it even more special. It will remind me of a great first time in Stockholm. Forever and ever. Adjö och snart!

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