#day88 – overlooking Södermalm on top of a ski slope

Have you ever tried to climb on a hill for downhill skiing? Snow covered of course. Yes? Ok, have you ever tried to do it with sneakers? Everything’s possible. Just do it. Some years ago I climbed on a volcano with my Havaianas, today I climbed on a ski slope with my Nikes.

Yesterday night on our way home we met two nice Swedes, who gave us this recommendation. They told us it was a huge hill of garbage once and located at the end of our street. Means there’s a ski slope in front of our house in Hammersby district and we didn’t see it yet. Ok, the hill isn’t that high, but nevertheless it’s a hill for downhill skiing in the middle of the city.

The ski slope called Ski Star opened last year. Since it started snowing only two days ago, it wasn’t open today. We didn’t want to going skiing anyway but a lookout over the city for free sounded like an amazing idea.

Naive as I am I thought there will be a road up to the top. We couldn’t see one and the road worker just gave me a dumb-little-girl glance when I asked him. It’s slippery, he shouted after me. Thank you, you little ass.

I can’t deny it was a challenge, but my Nikes did a great job. Only two or three little situations of almost sliding down the slope with the face first.

The lookout on the top let me forget all the danger and cold through wet feet. Sun was shining brightly and we had a stunning view over Stockholm covered in snow.

After our little adventure we went to a hotel spa for a bit well deserved sauna and a hot water pool. A recommendation from a guy, we talked to at the Supkokk. He said it’s with overlooking the trees of Södermalm. In reality it had been our second very unique lookout this day. Watching a beautiful sunset while soften your skin in hot water after outdoor sport in winter. Geil.

Overwhelmed by Södermalm from a bird’s eye view, it was time to check out Södermalm’s bars from a frog’s eye view. No matter if sky or earth, it’s a cool area with beautiful spots and kind folks. I don’t want to fly home tomorrow.

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