#day86 – arriving in winter wonderland Stockholm

Just a short 1,5 hours flight and I arrived in winter wonderland Stockholm. A long weekend trip is waiting. It’s my first time in the capital and I’m really looking forward to explore the city the next days.

As our Airbnb host told us, it started snowing today. They had a heavy snowfall some weeks ago, but it melted away. Now it starts again. Perfect. That’s exactly what we want. Stockholm in summertime is for everyone, Stockholm in wintertime is something special. And with minus 3 degree it wasn’t that cold.

Since we got up early for our flights, we started the day slowly. LIDL is directly in front of our house, our first activity was buying some food in a German supermarket therefore. Due to horrible food prices we decided to eat breakfast at home and only once a day in a restaurant. Two coffee at a café in Stockholm means your daily budget is already exhausted. And I really need my two coffees in the morning. Besides the apartment’s kitchen and livingroom is really tempting.

After a refreshment we striked out. Destination: museums island. That’s the good thing about winter trips. You can visit museums without feelings of guilt. The island offers round about five museums. We needed something typical Swedish and chose the Vasa Museum. It’s about a ship, which sank in the 17th century during it’s maiden voyage. 333 years later, the wreck got retrieved in Stockholm’s harbour. The restored ship and the whole story around is exhibited in the muesum nowadays. Sure, it’s a bit touristy, but in case you’re fascinated by stories of salvage of sunken ships it’s worth a visit.

Our first day in winter wonderland ended with a warming soup at Sibiriens Soppkok. What a wonderful tiny and familar restaurant. The only serve soup, but at least 10 different kinds. As a filling meal my orange soup for 13 Euros was a poem. With many recommendations from the owner and all the other guests we left the place. Good decision to give Stockholm’s winter a chance.

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