#day85 – repairing a broken shower hose

House managements are assholes. No matter who you are talking to, they say the same. They’re reachable two times a week. For three hours only. And no matter what’s your problem, they pretend to help but in the end nothing happens. I made this experience several times. There’s a broken tile in my bathroom since three years. Countless calls and a threat to shorten the rent weren’t enough effort. I’m a fighter usally, but I gave up. One day I decided to live with the broken tile.

My newest problem is a broken shower. I shower with dripping water since one week. I couldn’t detect, what’s the problem precisely. Is it the tap or the hose only? I needed help from an expreienced house keeper. With the change of our house management we lost the house keeper service somehow. I thought to let the past rest and to give the new management a new chance. I tried to call them. Two days and some calls later I talked to a lady, who reassured me a mechanic as soon as possible. I never heard of them again. I told you, it’s always the same.

Ok. I can live with a broken tile but I can’t live with a broken shower. I had to repair it by myself. My first task was changing the hose. Due to our chalky water I couldn’t do it with my hands. I needed special tools. Once I got a professional pipe tongs and a new shower hose from a furniture shop, I got down to work. I changed the shower hose for the first time. Successfully by the way. Fortunately it was the hose, which caused the problem.

During my well deserved shower since quite a while, I hoped the next problem will be a long time in the coming. But pride outweighed.

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