#day83 – nordic embassy party

Even though I have my problems with the weather conditions, I like the Scandinavian countries and their culture. They have a great sense of design, architecture, music and all these kinds of creative stuff. One great music export product is an event series called JaJaJa. Four times a year three talented young artists gave a concert for sweet five bucks in a little Berlin club. I’ve been there already three times and was always amazed by the quality of the live performed music.

Today JaJaJa celebrated a Christmas party at the Scandinavian embassy in Charlottenburg. Three live acts for free. For me two free drinks for free as well thanks to a nice Scandinavian.

I went out of house with the idea to get some cash at an ATM somewhere around the embassy. In Berlin there’s an ATM every 50 meters. Usally. I arrived at the embassy without one single coin. I asked the girl at the entrance for an ATM. Even with a short Internet research she couldn’t help me. I’ve been at the wardrobe, when a young guy run after me and gave me two coupons for two drinks. He saw me and wanted to help out. Scandinavian kindness. I’m looking forward to my Stockholm trip at the weekend. This was a nice incitement today.

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