#day82 – christmas market seller in front of a castle

No advent calendar on December 1st. And today? Empty shoes. Dumbass St Nicholas forgot me. I’m meanwhile pretty tensed about Christmas. Although I was so nice the whole year. I deserve one little present at least!

Because of my generosity I spend my day of St Nicholas as a volunteering seller on the christmas market. The christmas market in front of Schloss Charlottenburg is a big one with a beautiful surrounding. But since it’s in Berlin’s far west I’ve been there only once by now.

It’s one of those markets, where buses of tourists arrive every 10 minutes. On a rainy Tuesday afternoon. After all I was busy during my four-hour-service. And the tourists had been kind to me and spent a lot of money in our shop. I sold expensive leather bags to old ladies and made them happy. Who needs filled shoes today, when you can make an old lady smiling?


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