#day81 – an old toilet wisdom in a new bar

Do you know what’s the best about shabby bars? The notes in the restroom. I love going to the toilet, when I visit a bar for the first time. There’re almost always inspiring quotes, funny claims or crazy stickers – at the wall and the hand dryer, in the mirror and on the toilet. Sometimes you need quite some time to read and examine everything.

Because the bar, we actually wanted to visit, was closed, we ended up in Laidak at Boddinplatz today. Pretty shabby, fucking cheap and a relaxed crowd. Interesting. Even more interesting was the drink selection of our girls group: redwine, cocktail, radler and beer without alcohol. You can be proud of me, last one was my choice.

Also after two beer of non-alcoholic Jever Fun (what means fun for a non-alcoholic beer by the way?), you need to pee. Toilet time. The bar furnishing let me imagine an interesting restroom. And yes, as full as Laidak with book shelfs, the toilet was covered with notes.

I liked the note underneath the mirror: “Due to social conctructed imaginations of beauty, the mirror imagine is distorted.” The note next to the hand dryer is similar to one of my favorite love quotes: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” That’s so true. The requirement to fall in love is to be satisfied with yourself. Accept yourself with all of your particularities and you’ll be more understanding with other humans.

The similar but a bit better quote is: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” A David Bowie wisdom. God rest his soul!

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