#day80 – bouncing through Munich’s Haidhausen

Awww, I found Berlin’s Rixdorf in Munich today. It’s the area around Preysingstraße in Haidhausen, the district I’ve stayed in for the weekend. Like Rixdorf in Neukölln it’s a neighbourhood with cute tiny houses from the 19th century. Both areas were founded as suburbs once and are located in the city center today because of the growth process of cities. Entering beautiful sleepy Rixdorf is always a bit unreal when walking through multicultural Neukölln. Tucked away between Sonnenallee and Karl-Marx-Straße it’s a short time journey in the past, in which Berlin has been a village and far away from the modern and fancy metropolis it is today, only a few meters up north around Hermannplatz.

The most famous house in Preysingstraße is the Üblacker-Häusl. Perceived as high as me, it was established as a hostel and used as a museum nowadays. Since it closes around midday on Sundays we couldn’t go in. Due to the hopscotch in front of it, it wasn’t a problem at all. Wallowing in memories I did it again. Hopping over 12 boxes, without throwing a stone or any other rules, just for fun. I ate too much for breakfast, but the salmon omelet at Preysingergarten was so good.

Little fun fact on the edge: While I was bouncing around in Haidhausen, the Rixdorfer christmas market was happening at the same time. It’s a funny coincidence because the market happens only one weekend in the year and always on the 2nd Advent. Every year I plan to go, every year I miss it. One of the best and most crowded christmas markets in Berlin as people say. Actually I had both this weekend – a crowded pink christmas market yesterday, the village feeling today. I don’t have to be sad.

I enjoyed my short but sweet Munich trip a lot. See you soon, Bavaria!

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