#day79 – visiting the gay market in Munich

They call it the star of all christmas markets in Munich: Pink Christmas in famous Glockenbachviertel. A gay and lesbian christmas market, organized by Munich’s gay community and not only for gays and lesbians. Small, colorful and allegedly the most social market in the whole city. Sounds like turning your boring christmas market visit into a cultural adventure. Awesome.

After I’d been there I know why it’s the most social market. It was so much crowded, that every walk to the mulled wine stall was an endless cuddle. Getting ahead by sliding through bodies. Sure, Saturday evening is by far the worst time to visit a christmas market, but when you have only a weekend. Due to DJ James and some pink disco balls it was a new christmas market experience indeed.

I ordered a fruit punch and looked forward to the warming alcohol. Imagine my face, when it turned out it’s the kids version without alcohol. I finally found heat by the decoration stalls: penis pillows and naked men as christmas tree balls.

I love this uncomplicatedness. It’s refreshing. Let’s spread their community motto: “Never forget: Love is always the right direction!”



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