#day77 – no advent calendar at December 1st

Some days ago I realized, it could be my first year without an advent calendar. You know, these calendars with 24 surprises to shorten the time till Christmas. Even though my mum didn’t give me one the last years, I owned one in the end due to lovely friends or my sister and niece, who made me one.

I told this fact some people with the little hope to get one at the last moment. And I didn’t expect something fancy, honestly. A chocolate calendar for one Euro would have been more than enough. But today my apprehension got real. No calendar this year. I mean, it’s still possible to buy one by myself, but I don’t have to explain it’s not the same.

It’s a bit embarrassing and don’t ask me why, but there’s a chocolate calendar in the shallow my desk since three years. I brought him to light today. Maybe the chocolate is still tasty. I opened number 1 and thought it looks still good. It wasn’t. In case you’ve eaten old chocolate once you know what I mean. Good thing is, the calendar finally wandered into the bin.

A long long December is waiting. But please, friends, no pity.

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