#day75 – bibimbap for christmas party at Madang

If I am interested in choosing a restaurant for our office christmas party? Of course, I am. Korean BBQ here we come. You have to know I’m a big fan of the korean kitchen. I have never been to Korea, neither North nor South, but I’m shortly before being an expert of the korean food scene in Berlin.

Eating Bibimbap is such a food adventure. These hot stone bowls filled with vegetables of all colors as well as the gently burnt rice and the egg topping sprinkled with sesam seeds. That’s real food porn.

Because it’s on my list since quite a while and just around the corner from the office, we went to restaurant Madang in Bergmannkiez today. After a difficult pre-ordering via phone due to linguistical problems, I knew it’s an authentic one. Good good. By the way I can’t deny, my colleagues had their linguistical problems, too. I heard minimum 10 different versions of the word Bibimbap. “Bimbimbum” was by far my favorite.

I didn’t deceive myself. What a great choice. Service and food were amazing. Four of us orderd the BBQ and got a table grill combined with how-to-eat instructions and many little bowls. I trust the classic and ordered Bibimbap Dolssot. Never before the dish came with soup, beans and kimchi on a tray. Great value for money. Madang is definetily at the very front of my korean list now.

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