#day74 – scratching my personal world map

My blog didn’t unfold it yet, but I love to travel. Only 30 days off in a whole year is way too little to professionalize my presence as a world explorer. Because with travelling I mean the phenomenon called wanderlust, not lying two weeks at the beach or even worse at the hotel pool without seeing anything of the country I travel to. Wanderlust, funnily a german word in the english language, describes the permanent passion to travel for the reason of learning about new cultures. Steady state of my being.

As I like travelling, I like world maps. My friends know this and gave me a funny one for my birthday. A golden scratch world map for scratching out all the countries, I’ve visited yet. Since this is already a bit, my day off seemed as the perfect chance for creating my personal travel map.

The finished map didn’t look like I expected she will be. I thought I’ve seen a lot, but actually my map is still a huge golden scratch-off poster. With a short look you only see the big countries scratched out: Brasil, India, China and Australia. No wonder, our cute little Europe, where I know many countries, is as big as Brasil. Changing China from golden to green let me struggle for two reasons: On one side for my still hurting pointing finger. It’s a huge country for a cent coin. And on the other side I spent less than 24 hours in Shanghai, it was just a stopover. That’s my whole China experience. Sorry, I was in a scratching mood. I compensate it with Australia and India, where I spent 10 weeks in total. Or my lovely Brazil, we had already three times the delight.

Summarized I’ve visited 35 countries so far: Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Czech Republic | China | Denmark | Egypt | Ethiopia | France | Greece | Greatbritain | Hungary | India | Indonesia | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Jordan | Malaysia | Malta | Marocco | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Sweden | Swiss | Singapore | Slovenia | Spain | Thailand | Tunesia | Turkey | United Arab Emirates

As you notice, there’s still a lot to explore. Especially Russia, Africa and America in general are regions, I’m really interested in. With the transsibirian railway from Moscow to Beijing, safari touris through the southern region of Africa or with a campervan along the Panamerican road from Tierra del Fuego to Canada – my head is full of ideas. I decide to start with Southamerica. Stay tuned, friends!

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