#day73 – throwback Sunday at museum of things

Museum visits are always a time travel to the past, but this one was special. Located in one of Berlin busiest bar streets near Kottbusser Tor, the musuem shows the product culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. Besides presenting past and contemporary objects, one of the museum’s main aim is to cultivate a “ground for intellectual experimentation”.

Prepared for a bit intelligence acrobatics on a Sunday I strolled through the shelves full of objects, grouped by form, material, time, use, colour and so on. I can’t deny, the most interesting part has been the objects from the 90’s and early 21st century. Things you almost forgot until you see them and notice, there are still many memories.

Two of these things are Pollypockets and Tamagotchies. Oh Jesus, these toys made me totally crazy. I had dozens of both. Seriously, the museum had only one Pollypocket, which didn’t belong to my own personal collection. And how could I forget the Tamagotchie hype? I had an original one, which died faster than all the fake ones. Week-long feeding and caring and in the end? Dead. I never heard of someone, who managed to get these animals grown up.

On the other hand, they forgot some important toys from the 90s. Where have been all the furbies, trolls, keypers figures and doodle bears? Especially the doodle bear, a washable cuddle toy for painting was an remarkable piece of that time. We both have been crazy in love. Painting, washing, painting, washing. We had a fun time together.

I asked the museum attendant, if they still need objects. They do. During chrismas holidays I’ll have a look at my parent’s basement to assemble a nice donation.


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