#day72 – my own mural

Call me a sprayer. Because I belong to them offically now. I made my very first mural in the public today. Bloody gangsta, I can tell you.

My graffiti-firsttimer-action was well planned. Last weekend at my parents home I found a spray can in a box with old craft stuff. An exciting purple metallic shining colour-can. Minimum 20 years old. And actually car paint and not graffiti colour. Anyway…an idea was born.

Todays weather conditions have been perfect. A sky with 50 shades of grey, sprinkling of rain and fog patches on the ground. Gangsta weather. Dressed in black with the can in my bag and the hat on my head I striked out. Destination: Mauerpark in Prenzlberg. Crowded with karaoke singing hipsters on Sundays, deserted and cheerless from Monday to Saturday. Border area 26 years ago.

Tagging a house seemed pretty boring. A 300-meter-long original preserved piece of Berlin’s wall inside the park was exactly the surface I was searching for. Precisely enough space for my tagline #mydailyfirsttime. I’m on Instagram as well, friends, in case you aren’t following me yet.

First task was finding the perfect gap between all those huge murals. I walked along the wall and suddenly it appeared, a big silver strip with red, pink and purple shimmering hearts. Gangsta hearts. After a short testing I started my painting. A short but intense pleasure. And the result is beautiful, isn’t it? If I weren’t so gangsta, I would have been really proud. You should have seen the faces of the 5 present tourists. A bit perplexed. This girl, really? I assume that they are all part of my Instagram followership, now after a first schock.

Before you call the police – it was a completly legal action. The wall is approved for hobby artist. I prefer to say for professional firsttimer. But please, let’s keep this fact as our secret. It gives my first time an uncool touch, you know.

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