#day71 – throwing Bärgida flyer in the bin

While I was walking through Mitte today, I spotted Bärgida flyer at the train station. Piles of flyers in the entire station. An advertising for their 100th walk this weekend. Invited are all patriots, who want to protest againt the destruction of Germany, unrelated to their origins. International guests are welcome as well. Hungary, Slovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Russia – they listed quite some different countries.

Ok, but what’s with all the arabic countries? Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Marocco for example? Disinvited? Of course disinvited. It’s an association fighting against Islamism. A demonstration against the destruction of “our” country by devil Angela Merkel. The root of all evil as they claim. Not forgetting, they promise to provide pitchforks for the walk. With a laughing smiley. A LAUGHING SMILEY!

Ridiculous. Reading this bullshit I felt ashamed. And furious. As a spontaneous reaction I took the whole bunch of flyer and threw it away. What a freeing feeling. Even if it causes, that only one guy is missing the walk, who wanted to go, the whole move was worth it.

A single flyer I took home with me. I want to light a little fire on my balcony. With an evil smile on my lips, laughing mockingly. Harharhar.

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