#day69 – part of Parcels first-ever sold out show

Yesterday I wrote about following your dream, today I went to a concert of 5 Australians, who live their dream. Parcels are a disco-funk-band of young guys from Byron Bay, the tiny little surfer spot on the east coast. They know each other since school and moved to Berlin round about two years ago to push their music project forward. Known as the European music capital, they chose Berlin as their new home. Time flies and so they played their first-ever sold out show at Privatclub tonight. I was the luckiest girl to be part of it.

You have to know, I’m a fan from the early beginning. The first EP Clockscared  is a compilation of 6 groovy songs, which make you feel happy instantly. “Games of luck”, the latest single, changes my living room into a dance floor, every time I listen to it. It’s that kind of music you can’t keep still. I’m really looking forward to the first album release. And I mean, how great is the fact, that they left home with 18 years to try their luck as musicians on the other side of the globe? I love them for their music but I adore them for their courage and attitude.

The concert tonight was sheer insanity. One hour bouncing around to one hit after another. 30 degree room temperature. The atmosphere shortly before escalation. So good. Even though I never hung upside down on a rope, I guess my adrenaline level was higher than after bungee jumping. Lying in bed late at night I was still smiling.

Thanks Parcels, for making me first-time a sweet little fangirl shortly before I’m turning 30. It’s a new experience, since I have never been a fangirl when I was a teenager. Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Take That, Caught in the Act. They all couldn’t manage it. Parcels could. They will be a big deal one day, I promise you.

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