#day68 – bestseller read in one day

“There comes a time in life when there is nothing else to do but go your own way. A time to follow your dreams. A time to raise the sails of your own beliefs” – Sergio Bambaren

Raising the sails of my own beliefs? Excuse me, this sounds wonderful! It hits my current emotional state of mind directly into the heart. Shortly before I’m turning 30 and reflecting my life. A book with such a quote on the back has to be read. Besides “The Dolphin” from Sergio Bambaren is a bestseller, translated into many languages, read by millions of people all around the world. Written 20 years ago and more topical than ever. Thanks to a colleague’s recommendation I ordered a used version for only 4 Euros from someone in the US.

I started reading the novel in the morning and finished reading it in the evening. Only 95 pages, big font, some pictures and many quotes, but so much to learn. I love this kind of books. I don’t want to give you an interpretation, as everyone has to interpret it himself anyway, in case it shall effect your life. So here is my very short teaser: Against all fears of his family and friends, Daniel dolphin followed his dream to find the perfect wave and left his convenient surrounding. Without really knowing where to go, he followed his instinct and reached his dream through acting, hope and believing. A sweet little novel, that reminds us to fulfill our destiny.

Discovering new worlds will not only bring you happiness and wisdom, but also sadness and fear. How could you value happiness without knowing what sadness is? How could you achieve wisdom without facing your own fears? In the end, the great challenge in life is to overcome the limits within yourself, pushing them to places you would never have dreamed they could go.

Ouch, directly into my heart again. To say it with Sergio: May your dreams come true, dreamer!

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