#day66 – wise welcoming at my train station

That’s how I like to return home. It was already shortly before midnight when I had been back in Prenzlauer Berg from family weekend. I like returning to my neighbourhood and especially my street, but the S-Bahnhof and the direct surrounding isn’t that nice. A bit disgusting to be exact. And with some GDR charme. Brown ugly tiles and piss corners. Nothing to stay.

During my absence, someone tried to beautify our station with a wise quote: Money is paper only. Geld ist nur Papier. A new very little piece of Berlin’s streetart with a heavy statement. And besides a huge pile of shit on the chair in the photo booth, the first serious art piece at the station since I live there.

The artist reminds us not to take money too serious. Don’t give money the biggest importance in your life. And even more, don’t let money determine your life. Certainly, everyone argued once with someone of the family because of monetary reasons. We all have to remember, it’s not worth it. It’s only paper. Or an illusion as Google suggested me, when I tipped in “Money is…”. Thats’s actually even a bit better. Money is an illusion.

A nice conclusion for a nice family weekend.

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