#day65 – faceswap with grandpa

The best thing to get a family party going is a little face-swap-action. That’s my learning of today. After my dad’s 57th birthday yesterday, we celebrated grandma’s 75th birthday today. It was one of these typical family parties. Many middle-aged till old people, most of them I only see for special celebrations and can’t remember by their names. Embarrassing but true.

And as always a boundless blowout. Seriously, we had nearly one entire tart for every guest. Sure, the marzipan-poppyseed-mandarin-cake was piece of poetry but only slice of it was half of your daily caloric requirement. Don’t think about calories at family parties, you only risk dizziness caused of difficult mathematical calculation.

After coffee and cake we all have been stuffed for the next three days. Three hours later the dinner buffet has been ceremoniously opened. 6 salads, 4 main courses, soup, snacks, bread, fruit platter, 3 deserts – it was insane. Eating under the motto “Brakes are for losers”.

A strong alcoholic strawberry punch was the desperate attempt to wake up from my food coma. Leastwise one thing from the buffet, which we had finished. Already half-drunk we started discussing what my todays first time could be. My cousin suggest an invasion to our city outdoor swimming pool, including climbing on the 10-meter-tower. Nahh, I refused with the reason of too boring. Her boyfriend’s idea, riding with a bike through Mc Donald’s drive-in for a milkshake, wasn’t that bad. But still not good enough.

In the end it was a hilarious face-swap-action with my smartphone. Everyone with everyone. Especially the man-woman-swaps have been pretty funny. To keep the privacy of my family, I can’t publish the photos. Instead I recommend you to take your own and faceswap your family members next time. My aunt wept tears of joy. That’s how every family gathering should end.

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