#day64 – missing my expensive paid train

Many people have a specific nightmare, that they dream again and again. Mine is missing the flight. The moment you wake up and you don’t need to look at the clock because you already know you overslept. You check the clock and know for sure, you can’t make it anymore. Uhh, the imagination let a shiver run down my back. Horrible.

Same for missing a train, but as it’s not as expensive as a flight it’s not that bad. Even though it wasn’t my fault, my nightmare became first-time reality today. For having lunch with my family I booked an early train connection. Non-refundable economy prize, which isn’t really economic. Until I left the house, everything went smooth. I woke up on time, had my lovely coffee zeremony and even calculated a little time buffer.

At the first stair to the city train, seeing thousands of sad faces, I got an odd feeling. I didn’t check display board, I knew there’s no train service right now. And for an unknown time won’t be. Panic. I ran back to the taxi stand. Hundreds of sad faces but not only one single fucking yellow car. I asked around to share one and all I figured out was, the next one arrives in 20 minutes. “20 minutes???” I gasped. In 20 minutes my train is already running through the Brandenburgian no-man’s-land.

I started realizing I have a serious problem. With no time of thinking what to do I hopped on the tram like a headless sheep. It was the slowliest tram ever, more crowded then Tokio’s city train during rush-hour. Three stops later I had to admit, I have lost. Lost against the Berlin traffic. And whose fault is it? Obama’s. Mr. still-president. Coming to Berlin for waving goodbye he brought the whole city to a halt. Not nice. As if we haven’t already enough problems with the current American-presidents-proceedings. 50 bucks for nothing. I was pretty angry but as I try to handle all of these situations in life I said to myself: Come on, there are so many worse problems in this world. It’s ridiciolous to get down by missing a train. Get your shit together!

Arrived at the main station totally sweaty, I did some research for an alternative. A car ride. Next one three hours later. Ok, I had nothing to loose and asked at the information desk, if there’s any possibility for a refund or something else. I told the lady with one sentence that I missed my train. She asked why and I just replied “Obama”. “No problem”, she said, “take the next one. I give you a new ticket, you don’t have to pay extra.” I was shortly before jumping behind the desk to give her a cuddle.

And what do we learn again? What looks like your biggest nightmare one second ago, turns out to be not even a problem at all. Besides, I would not have accidentally hit my cousin on the train and I wouldn’t have met a friend for a short coffee without the delay. Ok, I arrived two hours later at home than expected, but do you know what? My family waited with lunch.

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