#day63 – Local Natives concert for free

My plan was to travel home today. I have a day off tomorrow and Daddy is having birthday. I wanted to surprise him with a birthday cake for breakfast. Plans changed. Thanks to Herzmukke, I won two tickets for the Local Natives. Actually I’m not lucky. I’ve never really won something serious. Thinking about anything I won in my whole life only a sticker book of Fillypferdchen comes to my mind. Since I was already 27 the prize went to my little niece. When all the other kids won those huge fat teddy bears at the folk festival I was always pretty jealous. 50 winning tickets and all I got was a plastic rose. That’s why I decided to shift my trip home for tomorrow morning. Daddy will get his cake in the afternoon. That’s still fine.

The Local Natives are 5 Americans from sunshine state California, making danceable indie music, promoting their new album with a little tour through Europe. I haven’t seen them live before as well as I have never been to Bi Nuu before and so I was pretty excited about my two first times today.

Bi Nuu is a sweet little venue directly under a train station in Kreuzberg. I was impressed by the disco ball in the bar room. Maybe the biggest one I have ever seen. Since I somehow missed the supermoon at the beginning of the week, standing under the disco ball was my personal supermoon-moment this week. I love these tiny clubs so much more than these huge halls. Being close to the stage, seeing the faces of all the band members are things that make concerts magical. For seeing the band over a screen I can watch TV at home. That’s not my understanding of live music.

Suprisingly the concert turned out as a little party. After listening to their newest album a few times I expected a relaxed concert, but live performed the songs have been really powerful and dynamic. Favorite songs from the album aren’t automatically favorite songs at the concert. Another fact, that makes live gigs so sympathic. My next concert is already on Wednesday. I’m really looking forward it. I guess it’s my last one this year. Maybe.

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