#day62 – afterwork costume party

Just to clarify it ahead – I didn’t went to a costume shop at Alexanderplatz because I’ve nothing better to do after work. I needed an item for my grandmom’s 75th birthday party on Sunday. I want to surprise her with a gift coupon for a common dinner cooking. Three courses only she and me together in the kitchen the whole evening. I guess that’s something she’ll really happy about. Grandpa will benefit from the gift as well.

To sex up our little cooking event I thought we need a chef’s hat. The one, who’s standing at the oven has to wear this hat. The other one, who’s just cutting the vegetables and that stuff – the kitchen boy so to say – has to wear an apron. So far, so good. But where can I buy a chef’s hat? In a shop for workwear? No, I don’t want so spend much money, it’s just a joke. I got the idea of a costume shop. A called Deiters and figured out they have one for only 5 Euros. Perfect.

Deiters is a huge, a huuuuuuuge costume shop near clinch zone Alexanderplatz. Once you start trying some funny costumes and gadgets you can spend hours in this hall of transformation. I fell in love with three really useful things: 1)  a fbi cap with black beam glasses 2) an inflatable radio and 3) bottle opener glasses.

Even though the gorilla mask is for sure the best hat for a little walk about Alexanderplatz, I bought only my chef’s hat in the end. But this shop is a great recommendation for carnival.

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