#day56 – a thuringian neighbourhood-beer

There’re three bars in my street. In two of three I’ve been at least once since I live there. The Bierquelle or the source of beer is a typical corner bar with darts, pool, slot machines, sky tv and old drunk men. The pub saved me last winter from death by cold with a hot wine. The Bilderpinte or the picture pub is a little bar, which trys to combine boozing and culture. I like their cute chain of lights in the tree in front of it. I had a wine there on a nice summer evening, I guess it was my first Berlin summer.

In the third one I’ve never been before. The bar is called Alte Wäscherei (old laundry), maybe because there was a laundry thousand years ago? Anyhow, as it turned out they have thuringian beer on tap: Altenburger. Brewed in the city of skat, my favorite card game. The beer is only a solid one but for sure a piece of home far away from home. I asked the bar keeper, why do they serve beer on tap from East Thuringia and expected a really romantic answer. Something like his great-great-granddad was born there. His sad answer was: It’s one of the cheapest and they have to stay competitive with Bierquelle and Bilderpinte. Pure capitalisc reasons, nothing about thuringian quality products.

I finish my post with a funny joke, I spotted on the toilet: “As I saw in the mirror, I have to slim something. I start with the mirror.” At least a little smile in these hard days.

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