#day55 – pink toilet paper with lotus fragrance

Seriously guys, I was running out of toilet paper on this day full of shit. I’m not kidding. I wobbled to the supermarket, prepared to carry a huge bag of intimate paper rolls through the city. It’s always a hassle to buy something for down below, isn’t it? Only buying thick women napkins is more embarrassing.

In front of the huge toilet paper selection I thought: Perfect day to treat oneself to something nice. I usally buy the cheapest one, as I’m totally fine with recycled thin toilet paper. Spending much money for supersoft toilet paper with one million layers isn’t my style. Ok, I bought once some toilet paper with little footballs on it. It was during the world cup in 2014. I was pretty excited ahead and used it as a cerimonial attunement. But that was so far my most intensive experience with toilet paper.

Until today. I spotted this supersoft, superfancy pink toilet paper with lotus fragrance and was immediately sure, that’s what I need today. 8 pink rolls á 150 three-layered sheets. Each single sheet with a lovely flower fragrance. Not to forget these feel-good pillows. Feel-good pillows? Yes, my friends, feel-good pillows. The package told me. An expensive fun for 3 Euros. But to sex up today more than worth it.

I became pretty ashamed at the cash desk. I mean, is there something more girlie than pink fragrantly toilet paper? Glad it was already dark when I stepped out of the supermarket. I was never before faster at home.

Anyhow…we have to fight against shit!

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