#day54 – laughing about Michael Moore in cinema Babylon

My motivation for todays evening activity was based on two things: What’s Michael Moore’s opinion about Trump and how looks Babylon cinema actually from the inside? I’m not pretty sure, which one pushed me more. Babylon is one of these old cinemas from the 20’s with a big neon sign at the entrance and a huge hall with massive curtains. Unfortunately it’s not that pompouse as I thought it is. No glamorous red velvet, no stunning chandelier. Much more a dirty grey carpet. And chairs from a former canteen, at least they looked like that. This allowed me to focus on the documentary.

The entrance fee was a symbolic Cent. I payed with Paypal. The organizer, who made it possible, has been a community called Progressive Democrats Abroad. People from America living in Berlin, who support progressive politics inside and outside of Democrats Abroad. And usually Bernie Sanders supporter.

Even so the media wasn’t convinced by the documentary, I was quite entertained. Despite the fact that I expected a dialogue with Trump voters and their motivations and got instead an one-hour-monologue by Moore in a cinema with 700 Americans, he made me laughing. Moore’s performance started with splitting the audience: all the Trump, Clinton and third party voters in the middle, the Mexicans on the left side separated by a paper-wall and the Muslims on the right side guarded by a drone. Ok, that was a bit funny.

In the end Moore didn’t talk that much about Trump. He motivated the folks to vote for Hilary. Together with the audience he collected good things about the female candidate. With a little side kick to Trump one guy said “At least she knows where Aleppo is”. Better than nothing, isn’t it?

No American movie without tears. Yes, he was a bit emotional, as well. People started weeping when he conceived the future. But then he finished his speech with a joke. He promised to candidate for the next election in 2020. Vote me and you’ll get a free banana split on every 4th of July. He knows how to capture the audience. They speech was hold in a cinema in Wilmington, Ohio. A tiny city in the north of the US and the location, where banana split originated.

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