#day53 – selfie with Donald

I don’t wanna use my blog for political things as I’m not that much into politics. I just share the opinion, that Trump is an idiot. Erecting a wall to avoid immigration from the South. Excuse me? As a German I get instantly an itchy skin eczema.

Tomorrow is the day of the days. To channel my agressions and as an attunement for the election day I googled crazy Trump apps today. Pretty entertaining, I tell you. Some of them are made by Trump fans. So be careful and don’t support them by downloading it. Instead make jokes about the stupidity of some Americans.

Here are my 5 highlights of Donald-Trump-apps:

  1. Punch the Trump – Step in a ring with Trump and hit him hard. Low punch, high punch, special moves, discover the fighter in you. With several weapons and combos to use.
  2. Trump Soundboard – A selection of Trump’s best insults, interesting moments and more or less inspirational words during his presidential campaign.
  3. Trump your hair – An editor for becoming a Drump lookalike and everyone who want to know, how he or her look alike with a new ugly haircut.
  4. Trump Voice Changer – Make Trump saying anything you want. How about “I’m a little piggy?” Just a suggest. Be creative.
  5. Trump’s wall – Help Trump to build a wall at the southern border of the US. But be aware that it’s a hard job. In case you drop a stone you’ll get fired. Ähh?

One of my app testing results is this incredible photo with Donald. The app is called Selfie with Trump. It’s only one motif of him and nothing but horizontal format works. I made fun of Donald and react to his pose with thumbs down. I deactivated the app immediately after this. That’s my political statement today. Idiots!

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