#day52 – Germany’s beloved crime series in English

Watching Tatort, the famous German crime series, is a Sunday evening habit for many many Germans. I’m actually not the biggest fan. I would never watch it alone, I join a public viewing rarely. More for social than for entertaining reasons. For the 999th episode a friend and I celebrated the pre-anniversary with a little happening: Tatort in combination with impro theatre, american humor with the touch of a button. The whole movie in English, dubbed by some comedians from the US. A promising idea, isn’t it?

Beforehand I thought the comedians operate with earphones and only the audience can’t hear the audio, but actually the comedians couldn’t hear something as well. This made it even more funnier and yeah, a bit more senseless. The plot became a side issue. Interesting sounds, scary voices and clever puns have been the focal point. Without doubt the concept is based on teasing the German movie format. Quite understandable, expats can’t comprehend the cult. I mean, I can’t as well.

The whole spectacle happened in the Comedy Café Berlin at the end of buzzy Weserstraße in Neukölln, usally visited by expats. It’s a nice cafe with a lovely decorated bar. Even only for a drink worth a visit.

Back at home I looked up the plot. I tried it hard, but I wasn’t able to figure it out during the show. It was actually a quite interesting one. A young girl convert to a Islamic because of the love of her life. Everyone was against it and suddenly her best friend, Islamist as well, got murdered. In the end she killed herself. Political controversial stuff in these times. And it’s getting even more controversial the next days.

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