#day51 – sending a life saving letter

Did you know? Every 15 minutes a human fall sick with blood cancer – only in Germany. The chance to find the right giver is round about 1:1.000.000. The past 25 years the German institut DKMS made more than 55.000 stem cell donations possible. One of these 55.000 givers is a friend of mine. Some weeks ago he donated his bone marrow.

Since my blood donation ended in a desaster I needed another possibility to share my health. I decided to register for a bone marrow donation. It’s such an easy way to do something good. You just have to order the cotton sticks on the DKMS website for free. They’ll arrive some days later together with a self-addressed envelope and an informed consent.

I got my letter today and moisturized my cotton sticks instantly. The whole procedure took me maximum five minutes and a short walk to the mailbox. Now I’m waiting for my donation id. Let’s see, if I can save a human life one day.

Please, make my first time to your first time and register now.

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